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mercredi 1 février 2012

The Truth About Spirituality - Daniel Mackler

Bien senti cet article... ou comment rester authentique malgré la spiritualité (lol) ou les thérapeutes

"The Truth About Spirituality

A spiritual person is connected with his spirit. To do this fully he must have access to his deepest psyche, and thus have resolved his most ancient psychic traumas. To get there he will have passed through hell, and thus will know how to help others get out of there too. If he has not resolved his traumas, however, they will block his conscious connection with his spirit, and will stunt his burgeoning spirituality.

Only the fully emotionally evolved are pure and honestly spiritual; the rest are partially false, which we all are until we become fully enlightened. The world is full of pseudo-spiritual leaders, both religious and medical. They are false because they live unconsciously. They only know themselves partially. They are not deeply connected with their most profound truths. They are in denial of the rage seething in their depths, and the sorrow beneath that. But what makes them the most dangerous – primarily to those over whom they wield power – is that they can’t even admit it. Although they live a masquerade, they are so split-off that they often truly do feel happy, free, joyous, and at peace. Thus others run to follow their lead. But they only lead down blind alleys, into more denial and more untruth. They are like poison to the seeker – and they present their poison with open arms.

The greatest gift of life is for a person to know himself fully. A truly spiritual person – the ideal of humanity – knows his deepest emotional truths and has full connection with his whole range of feelings, including his joy and vivacity for living as well as his pain, fear, sorrow, and even anger. He embraces it all, light and shadow, and thus his spirituality has weight and depth. His positivity is no hologram or floating cloud. He holds truth in his hands, and his eyes see."

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